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PHILADELPHIA - Sadly, many parents are unsure how to explain Philadelphia's gun violence to their children. There are several issues to consider, including the "law of crime concentration," which explains that shootings are more likely to occur in small, isolated locations, such as street corners or short blocks.

PHILADELPHIA - The ban is meant to fight the pervasive litter problem in Philadelphia. It covers nearly a billion plastic bags used each year by Philadelphians. It applies to all retailers, from grocery stores to farmers' markets, and apparel stores to restaurants. However, the ban does not affect the use of paper bags at home. The Philadelphia ban may encourage local retailers to offer reusable bags. After all, providing branded reusable bags to your customers makes good business sense.

PHILADELPHIA - Having a Thanksgiving dinner with family can be a challenging task. There are a lot of different things you can do to help you survive it. The key is to avoid hot-button issues, get your family to work, and respond to comments with grace.

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