PHILADELPHIA, PA  – MilkBoy Entertainment’s second feature-length film, Sparkle: A Unicorn Tale, has been picked up for international distribution and is now seen on screens and streaming services across three continents. The heartwarming action/fantasy/family film was produced, directed, and filmed in the Philadelphia region by MilkBoy Entertainment and was recently released by Lionsgate.

Sparkle follows 15-year-old orphaned Annabelle, who runs away from an orphanage with two other kids to rescue the animals on her family’s farm before a greedy neighbor takes them. The orphans discover a magical unicorn has taken up residence, and they try to determine the mythical beast’s purpose.

Director and Producer Jamie Lokoff of MilkBoy Entertainment said of the film: “It is pure entertainment for kids that adults can enjoy along with them. It is a family experience that will spark children's imaginations and is filled with real emotion. It will make them laugh, cry, make them anxious and scared for the characters, and leave them with a positive message.”

Lokoff found his way to directing Sparkle after making a six-minute horror/fantasy film with his kids called My Sister (2021) during the early days of the pandemic, which garnered attention in several film festivals and won awards. Automatic Entertainment — Foreign reps for Lokoff's previous feature-length film Slow Learners (2015) — proposed Sparkle based on their appreciation of his work with children.

Sparkle can be seen on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Vudu, YouTube, and Google Play, among other platforms
, and has been nominated in the Best Family Film Category for the Canadian International Faith and Family Festival. In addition to directing and producing Sparkle, Lokoff co-wrote music for the film and had an acting role. He also worked with the MilkBoy Entertainment team Cody Cichowski & Tommy Joyner to compose a whimsical score that helps tell the story and do all sound sweetening, sound design & final mix & master.

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