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PHILADELPHIA - The Pennsylvania real estate market is booming. Low-interest rates have encouraged homeowners to sell their homes and homebuyers to purchase. According to statistics, the average time a home was on the market before it sold was just 16 days in August 2021. This hot market benefits first-time homebuyers because the prices of homes are low, and properties move quickly.

PHILADELPHIA - Duplexes, lofts, and bi-levels are all possible layouts for apartments.  In this article, we'll go over the basics of these types of apartments. If you're considering building a two-story apartment, you'll want to know the differences between these options.

PHILADELPHIA - If you want to purchase a new apartment, it is essential to determine the ceiling height.  There are several things to keep in mind, including minimum legal height, average height, and cathedral ceilings. If you are unsure, consult a professional realtor or home inspector. Then, you can make an informed decision regarding your new home.

PHILADELPHIA - There are several things to consider before moving into a garden-style apartment. Most of these apartments do not receive as much natural light, so you may have to turn on artificial lighting during the day, raising your electric bill. You will also have to get used to the noise from neighbors and foot traffic outside your unit. In addition, garden-style apartments are unsuitable for people who are easily irritated by loud noises.

IDAHO - If you are considering buying or selling a home in Twin Falls, Idaho, it is important to understand the current and future trends in the Twin Falls area.  The taxable values in the Twin Falls area have already increased by nearly 45% since 2021. In addition, the taxable values in Bannock County have increased by nearly $500 million between 2019 and 2020.

IDAHO - To buy a home in the Boise area, you should learn about the housing market trends for the next several years. This information will help you decide when to buy or sell. The housing market in Boise is hot right now due to a lack of housing supply, especially for single-family homes. This lack of inventory has driven up prices for years, and the trend is that there will be fewer homes for sale each year.

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