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PHILADELPHIA - How Long Will Chinese Food Last in the Fridge? Most Chinese meals, including lo mein or General Tso's chicken, can be stored safely in the fridge for three to four days before spoiling or becoming unsafe to eat. Egg rolls or cream cheese-based wontons should be eaten within 24 hours. Otherwise, they risk spoiling and becoming unsafe to consume.

PENNSYLVANIA - Pennsylvania's top 3 poorest cities have the highest poverty rate in the state. These areas, including Johnstown, Duquesne, and Reading, struggle economically while the rest of the state's economy improves. The high poverty rates in these cities and others across the county have had a profound impact on the communities and are influenced by various factors.

PHILADELPHIA - Let's discuss the most commonly stolen car parts in 2023. It will explore why these parts are targeted, the impact of the thefts, and what measures can be taken to prevent them. The article will also provide an overview of the current trends in car part theft and the potential solutions to reduce the prevalence of this crime.

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