PHILADELPHIA - We can debate Pat’s vs. Geno’s, throw Jim’s into the ring, and note that Delassandro’s is worth the trip to Roxborough – that’s all true, but I wanted to remind you of a cheesesteak that has managed to differentiate itself at a cut above the rest: Barclay Prime’s cheesesteak, nationally renowned and widely known as the world’s “most expensive” cheesesteak.

The famous take on the Philly classic sandwich honors each core ingredient – ribeye, onions, cheese, and the classic roll – and elevates it to the highest level possible for a true one-of-a-kind experience.

What makes the Barclay Prime $140 Cheesesteak so special?:

  • luxuriously tender A5 Wagyu Ribeye meat, featuring copious marbling
  • Foie Gras, which adds a tender, buttery richness
  • Onions are a must for a true cheesesteak
  • Truffled cheese, adding a distinct aroma and subtle flavor boost
  • A Fresh-Baked Sesame Roll, with a perfectly golden, crusty exterior and light fluffy interior – controversial take: amoroso rolls have their place, but they don’t stand alone as truly good bread….!
  • ½ bottle of champagne to wash it all down with an elegant flair

In a city filled with joints on every corner priding themselves on perfecting the classic cheesesteak, Barclay Prime separates itself with a unique, sophisticated interpretation of the sandwich, served in one of the city’s most preeminent restaurants.

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