PHILADELPHIA, PA - There’s always a good way to transform a bare space in your property. Most homes and residential areas host a garage in their lot. The original use of a garage is to be the home of your vehicle. However, what about if you don’t own a car that needs a home? Is there anything you can do besides having empty garage space?

Garage conversions are one of the most popular home projects. There are many ways you can remake a garage, depending on the function you need. If your home doesn’t have enough space for another room, consider building over your garage. Here are the 10 best garage conversion ideas that can instantly make the old garage into a more usable area at home:

Study Area

It may not seem helpful or essential to you if your kids are still babies and toddlers. However, if you have children, a study area can benefit them a lot. Transform your old garage into a new study, and let your children do their schoolwork. The presence of an intended study space can increase their focus and drive to do things related to school. Add some study tables, comfortable chairs, and boards for full function. It is worth mentioning that safety for you and your family comes first, so if you realize that the garage door is not working properly, you should call a garage door repair company and have technicians help you out.

Retail Space

Many home entrepreneurs need retail space to do their business. If you have a business, consider doing a garage remodel and create a retail area solely for business. The benefits of this setup include having an official display space for your goods and potential savings from long-term rent expenses (if you choose to rent out a retail space).

Waiting Area

There are so many ways to make your space usable for your ventures. Different businesses have different needs. It’s not necessary to have all your business activities in the garage. If ever you only need a waiting area to receive customers, an old garage is perfect. Transforming a garage into a relaxing waiting area for clients can help impress people. However, pay attention if your garage door is opening and closing correctly, if not, it is probably due to the springs, which are responsible for helping the door raise and lower. If you have problems with your springs, you can always call professional technicians and get a garage door spring repair. Finally, you can add comfortable chairs and soothing music to make waiting time comfortable.

Studio Apartment

Garages are suitable areas for additional living space. If you have a detached garage, it’s possible to turn it into a studio apartment. Plan a garage conversion and add the necessary lodging and accommodations. Then, if you're looking to have some extra income, make it into a business and rent it out. At least your garage conversion idea can bring you some revenue stream regularly.


Another iteration for a living space is a loft. Detached garages are separate from the house layout to contain vehicles. If you have a smaller garage with generous headroom, take advantage of the space. Lofts are popular right now as space-saving options for lodging space. Maximize the garage area by building the bed space on top and everything else on the bottom.


Cottages bring out a natural atmosphere. Why not make the garage into an outdoor cottage where you can hang out, host dinners and events? Integrate the cottage with your backyard garden. If you want to make things more comfortable, add mats, foams, and bean pillows to make all floor spaces relaxing. Make the cottage fresher by having an open layout via sliding doors that let in natural light. 

Additional Layout Space

Sometimes, you want to keep the home interior intact without detaching spaces as much as possible. If you intend to keep everything in one spacious layout, add another area by bringing down the garage. Usually, for attached garages, walls block off the site. Do a garage conversion and take down the wall with the help of builders to extend home space inside. 

Spa Room

Relaxation is key to a very stressful day. There’s nothing quite like having a spa that can relax your body and ease your mind. Do you know you can have your own spa at home? Convert an old garage into your spa room. During the planning stages of your garage remodel, use reinforced materials to withstand potential corrosion problems from moisture and humidity. You don’t need to go out all the time to get your much-awaited pamper day.

Pool Room

It’s possible to have a pool indoors if you have a garage. One way you can recreate the garage is by building an above-ground pool. Concrete garage floors are enough to support the pool. Most garage remodels may require some standard regulations and assessments. Contact a contractor to help prepare the garage and rework it into a pool room with this project. They will know what to do before construction.

Pet Kennel

Your lovely pets need a home too. For many, pets go inside the residence and do all their business and day-to-day activities inside. Why not have designated pet zones on your property?  Pet kennels provide proper housing for your animals, and at the same time, keep your home clean and safe. Close off the garage entry and bring all your pet’s things into the garage. The old garage becomes the pet-friendly area in your house.

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