PHILADELPHIA, PA – Just in time for sweater weather and leaf-peeping season in the city of brotherly love, Art in the Age, Old City’s esteemed tasting room, home bar supply, and full bottle shop, is pleased to announce the annual release of its line of artisanal fall spirits; ideal for sipping neat, mixing into warming cocktails at home, and even for cooking in favorite desserts.

Crisp Apple Brandy, Spiced Maple Vodka, and Sierra Fig Cordial

Art produces all spirits in the Age’s sister distillery Tamworth Distilling, the New Hampshire craft distillery known for its scratch-made ethos and bold experimentation courtesy of spirit savant Steven Grasse. The Art in the Age line of small-batch spirits defy tradition and result from Grasse’s boundless experimentation with foraged ingredients and unique flavor profiles. The 2021 fall line comprises three liquids that embody the distillery’s wilderness mission to bottle while taking imbibers on a journey through the seasons.

“There are so many different right ways to enjoy our fall spirits because of their versatility,” said Steven Grasse, Founder, and CEO of Tamworth Distilling. “Whether you prefer to sip the Apple Crisp Apple Brandy neat, whip up a fall cocktail with the Spiced Maple Brandy, or even top a bowl of your favorite ice cream off with our Sierra Fig cordial, you really can’t go wrong.”

Both Art in the Age and the distillery boast a bevy of spirits that reflect the hyper-local flora and fauna of New Hampshire. Products in the 2021 fall lineup are designed to be sipped neat or on the rocks and provide a highly unique alternative to traditional cocktail modifiers for mixologists and culinary-minded folks to experiment with.

See below for details and tasting notes on each seasonal sipper.

  •    Art in the Age Apple Crisp -- Maple season is a particular time in New Hampshire, and imbibers can almost taste autumn’s warm days and cold nights in the Art in the Age Apple Crisp. Made with two hyper-local ingredients: Maple and Apple, the maple syrup is taken from the Tamworth land and then combined with 100% New Hampshire apple brandy resulting in a lower-proof sipper perfect for Harvest season.
  •    Art in the Age Spiced Maple Vodka  – Hearty rye seeds provides a grainy element to the spirit, while cinnamon and maple syrup combine for a sweet finish.
  •    Art in the Age Sierra Fig Cordial -- After delving deeply into the qualities of a handful of fig varieties, the distillers decided on the Sierra fig for its balance of light molasses notes and bright, wildflower honey aromatics. The flavors of the Sierra Fig cordial were then double-extracted into a corn-based neutral spirit and infused with rhubarb root and Damiana leaf notes to amplify the overall flavor back to the fullness of a whole intact fig. The result is a long flavor that is true to the whole fig with aromatic undertones of roasted nuts and sweet yet spicy herbs.

These spirits and more are available for purchase in-store at Art in the Age, located at 116 N. 3 rd Street in Philadelphia, online at, and Tamworth Distilling in Tamworth, NH.

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