PHILADEPHIA, PA - Big Time: Life in an Endangerous Age is an immersive multi-sensory experience featuring 24- life-size, animatronic dinosaurs and other giants set in various realistic, evocative landscapes, immersive sights, and sounds highlighting catastrophic historical events from the Age of Dinosaurs through today.

Big Time takes guests back 66 million years to when a giant asteroid slammed into Earth, ending the reign of dinosaurs like the mighty Triceratops and the fierce T-rex. To a more recent period about 70,000 years ago, when humans spread across the globe, meeting saber-toothed cats, gorilla-sized lemurs, and birds bigger than ostriches.

All of which have since disappeared; today, animals like polar bears and elephants are at risk of the same fate due to human activities. Tickets are the cost of General Zoo Admission $24 for ages 12+ and $19 for ages 2-11, children under 2 are free, plus entrance for Big Time $6 (adults and children ages 2+). Members enjoy free admission to the Zoo with advance reservations and save on Big Time tickets.

Now extended! Philadelphia Zoo's Big Time: Life in an Endangerous Age

Through November 1, 2021, at the Philadelphia Zoo

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