PHILADEPHIA - Dive Bars in Philadelphia are often described as offering cheap drinks, open early in the morning with barely edible food alcoholic and plenty of regulars.


Philadelphia's Best Dive Bars

Dirty Franks on Pine Street is the ultimate Philadelphia dive bar that opened just two weeks after prohibition ended in 1933. Even today, the drinks are still cheap, the regulars are still there, and they still don't cook any food.

Bob and Barbara's Lounge on South Street has been in operation since 1969. They are the originator of the famous "citywide special," a PBR cannon a shot of Jim Beam in 1994. They're also home to Philly's longest-running drag show.

Rays Happy Birthday Bar in South Philly was founded in 1938. This bar is dark, dank, and cheap, making it the perfect contrast from the bright lights, eager tourists, and expensive cheesesteaks down the street at Pat and Ginos. A block away from the original bar where the owner Ray used to greet each customer with "happy birthday," and if it happened to be your birthday, you got a free drink. The same policy still stands today.

The Locust Bar on 10th street offers up cheap drinks and opens early with no-frills food. The tavern is also historically significant due to a 10-day suspension back in 1947 for allowing a female to serve liquor behind the bar.

Oscars Tavern, this Sansom Sreet saloon, functions as a perfect dive bar with cheap beer-friendly service and edible food. It's also the ideal escape from the nightclub right next door.

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