Philadelphia, PA - As the world shut down and in-person shopping became nearly obsolete, Philadelphia’s Shipmate Fulfillment services were more in demand than ever before. While Shipmate Fulfillment began to prosper, they noticed the impact of lay-offs among the service industry and began to employ laid-off service workers as their business was scaling rapidly.


While stay-at-home mandates were put in place, e-commerce became the crucial element to a successful business in 2020. Companies of all varieties trusted Shipmate Fulfillment to transition into e-commerce, aid in PPE supply shipping, and explore new business ventures in the digital space.

In addition to helping businesses transition into e-commerce, Shipmate Fulfillment took the initiative to help Philadelphia locals facing lay-offs. When a beloved local business was temporarily closing due to pandemic induced hardships, the facility was able to employ seven of those employees, alleviating job-loss anxiety. One act of kindness snowballed into a mission to help, leading the Shipmate Fulfillment team to continue searching out people in need of work as a result of the pandemic. As Shipmate Fulfillment continues to exponentially grow, the team regularly encourages those who have fallen on hard times to apply to work in their warehouse and shipping facility.

“In the early days of the pandemic, we realized quickly that folks from our prized Philadelphia service industry needed the work and we had the jobs for them. As our world changed almost overnight, e-commerce orders skyrocketed and we had to adapt to meet that demand literally within days of the lockdown.” - Brian Antar

The family-owned team shares their journey and successes through an informative and creative YouTube series with the channel racking up over 250K views and a loyal following of subscribers. By growing a digital presence, Shipmate Fulfillment aims to connect with business owners looking to make the critical move to 3PL services in order to thrive during challenging times.

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