MEDIA, PA  - The recent ban on single-use plastic bags in the Media Borough will come into effect in July 2023. While some businesses are already following the new ordinance, others are not. Businesses that do not comply will be given a written warning and fines ranging from $50 to $300 per reported offense. As an alternative, businesses can provide reusable bags for customers or charge a 10-cent surcharge. This ordinance is supported by Borough Councilmember Mark Paikoff, who says it is a good idea to reduce waste.

The ban is not without its critics. Although the ban is a welcome change, some businesses may be concerned about the consequences. The council emphasized that the ban would only be effective if business owners followed through. After all, most businesses had already implemented recycling programs before the ban. According to a recent survey by Berman Associates, about half of the borough's businesses already comply with the ban. Even though single-use plastic bags are only a fraction of the Delaware Valley's waste stream, they significantly impact our everyday lives.

While the ban was enacted in Philadelphia, the penalties were delayed until this year. Many big stores took advantage of the loophole until January 2021 and gave away thick plastic bags to customers. While some stores did comply with the new law, other stores were not. The city council plans to increase the penalty for businesses that do not comply with the law. In addition to the fines, businesses must also post signs warning customers that they are not allowed to use single-use plastic bags.


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