Philadelphia, PA - Local author Drew Miele was inspired to write “What is a Vegan?” when his young son began inquiring about why he didn’t eat the same foods as his classmates at school. A former tattoo artist, Miele often relied on illustrations to demonstrate concepts in playful ways his son could easily understand.


He quickly discovered that most of the books available for children about veganism were dark and scary, and he knew he wanted to help other parents who preferred to take a kindhearted approach to teach their children about compassion for animals.

“What is a Vegan?”

cleverly and colorfully introduces children to the concept of veganism through the guiding principle of letting love lead the way. Illustrated by Justin Gray, whose past work includes merch, posters, and album designs for the band MXPX, “What is a Vegan?” includes interesting and humorous facts about how animals and people are the same. The picture book also features male, female, and BIPOC characters to further help parents reinforce the importance of inclusivity and finding common ground with all people and animals.

“When writing this book, it was important to me to demonstrate compassion in a way that kids can truly understand and put into practice,” said Miele. “My book encourages anyone of any lifestyle to open their hearts so we may live harmoniously on this planet, which is something we can all find meaning in right now, vegan or not.”

The self-published title is now available in paperback on Amazon, retailing at $13.99.

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