PHILADEPHIA - A year into pandemic life, children are still remote learning which has drastically changed the education landscape. Across all age groups and socioeconomic lines, young people are hitting a breaking point that developmental psychologists call the "pandemic wall" - a loss of motivation, focus, and increased amounts of stress.

 Getting Philly Kids Back To School

As districts battle out how to safely get students back into the classrooms (some tentative dates as early as April 1st), parents are left responsible for equipping their kids with tools to make the transition seamless and stress-free.

So, what conversations should parents be having NOW with their kids?

Education Psychologist Dr. Tere Linzey is available to offer practical tips that parents can enact immediately. Dr. Linzey serves as the Educational Psychologist for multiple CA districts and runs a successful private practice helping students across the nation. She is considered the premier cognitive skills expert for children aged 6 and up.

Returning to the Classroom: Conversations Parents Need to Have NOW to Prepare Their Kids
  • Many students are hitting a "pandemic wall," what is this? How can parents identify if their child is suffering?
  • Schools are gearing up to return to in-person learning; what will be different when students return?
  • What conversations should parents be having with their kids right now about returning?
  • Remote learning caused a lack of structure in daily life; what should parents put in place to prep for a structured school environment again?
  • Students will have to learn how to re-engage socially, physically, and intellectually; how can parents best support their kids?
  • If a student is experiencing anxiety about returning to school, how can parents navigate a smooth transition?


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