GLEN ALLEN, Va. -- GENETWORx Laboratories has announced accelerated testing times of only 8-12 hours on average for molecular diagnostic, or PCR testing, of COVID-19 specimens at its new mobile laboratories. The company launched its first mobile laboratory on the east coast in November and the second is opening this week in Phoenix, Arizona.

GENETWORx already performs COVID-19 PCR testing on millions of patient samples at its extensive Richmond, Virginia area laboratory with turnaround times of 36-48 hours on average. GENETWORx mobile lab PCR testing

"It is a huge breakthrough to produce molecular testing at accelerated 12-hour turnaround times" Tweet this

"As businesses, state governments, and colleges return to work and school, the need for even quicker COVID-19 testing continues to grow so we invested in fully equipped state-of-the-art mobile laboratories to meet this need," said Brian O'Neill, chairman of GENETWORx Laboratories. "Since our PCR tests are already in the 99th percentile for accuracy, it is a huge breakthrough to produce molecular testing at accelerated 12-hour turnaround times," he said.

O'Neill stated that the East Coast mobile laboratory in Woodbridge, New Jersey, which opened in November 2020, has had great success with performing COVID-19 testing for clients with patients from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

"We are bringing our lab to those who need results frequently and fast. By reducing travel times, the GENETWORx New Jersey mobile lab is delivering COVID-19 test results in an average of 12 hours according to O'Neill. "Some results are turned around in 4-6 hours," he said.

Another GENETWORx mobile lab will open in Phoenix, Arizona next week. Specimens from California and Arizona will be tested for the COVID-19 virus at the new Arizona mobile lab. Similar turnaround times are expected. GENETWORx expects to add three additional mobile laboratories across the country to its fleet to assist in the battle against COVID-19.

The new GENETWORx mobile laboratories, measuring 10 x 15 feet in size, can perform thousands of COVID-19 PCR tests on patient samples daily. The laboratories are equipped with the same high performing, state-of-the-art molecular diagnostic equipment that GENETWORx utilizes in its growing Glen Allen, Virginia Laboratory. Nearly one million PCR tests were performed at that laboratory in January 2021 alone. Since the pandemic began, GENETWORx has performed over 4 million COVID-19 tests that are in the 99th percentile for accuracy.

"Our country is going to need to continue testing for COVID-19, even with the rollout of the vaccine, for some time ahead in order to prevent another outbreak or surge of the virus," said O'Neill. "The new GENETWORx mobile laboratories are a breakthrough in accelerating the turnaround times for the most accurate test that exists for this virus, the molecular PCR test," he said. "Our ability to turn around specimens' results accurately and quickly makes us one of the leading and physician favorite labs in the country."

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