HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania lawmakers began the process of distributing $912 Millon dollars of federal aid approved in December by Congress. The aid will go to hospitality-related businesses, private schools, and individuals struggling to pay utility and rent.


So far, the bill passed the House unanimously and will now head to the Senate for a final vote.

$145 Millon of the bill comes from the state workers compensation fund, which Governor Wolf wants lawmakers to distribute to businesses hit hard during the state shutdowns

Under the bill, Bars, restaurants, and hotels with under 300 employees would be eligible to receive grants of up to $50,000

Up to $570 million of the bailout dollars would be distributed to PA counties based on the number of individuals struggling to pay utility bills in rent. Both tenants hand landlords will be eligible to apply for relief.

The remaining funds will be distributed to educational institutions. Most of the money will go to private schools that were not eligible for federal coronavirus aid given to public schools in charter schools this past December.

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