PHILADELPHIA - New Event Size Limits: Effective Friday, October 16, the City of Philadelphia is expanding its allowable event sizes. These size limits are more restrictive than those recently published by Governor Wolf due to Philadelphia's higher COVID-19 case count and the City having more large venues than other parts of the state.


Indoor events can allow 10 percent of their maximum occupancy, up to 250 people. Outdoor events with a maximum occupancy of up to 2,000 can have up to 20 percent of their maximum capacity; events with a maximum occupancy of between 2,000 and 10,000 can have up to 15 percent of their maximum capacity; events with maximum occupancy over 10,000 can have up to 15 percent of their maximum capacity, up to 7,500 people. Suppose there are no occupancy limitations for an outdoor event space. In that case, the applicable rate is the appropriate above percentage based on a formula of 67 people per 1,000 square feet, up to 7,500 people.

The maximum capacity limits include performers/participants and staff, in addition to patrons. The limits determined by using the City's maximum occupancy calculator guidelines apply even if they lead to fewer than 25 people allowed to participate in an event or gathering. For example, an indoor space with a maximum occupancy of 150 people can host a gathering of no more than 15 people. Events are required to ensure that the number of people in the event space stays below the appropriate limits. This means they must control entry into the event space, count the number of people entering, and refuse entry when the limit is met. Venues must follow all Pennsylvania orders and guidance to protect performers/participants, staff, and patrons' safety—including masks and six-foot social distancing requirements.

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