PHILADELPHIA - Traditionally, the coronation ceremony takes place in Westminster Abbey, London.  The building is more than 900 years old, and every English and British monarch has been crowned here. Charles will be the fortieth monarch to be crowned there. The Abbey was extensively rebuilt during the 13th century, and later in the 18th century, Nicholas Hawksmoor added a pair of towers to the west end.

It is customary for a new monarch to be crowned, anointed, blessed, and sworn to rule the country. While there is no constitutional requirement for a monarch to be crowned, it is a symbolic gesture. In Britain, a coronation is considered a religious ceremony. However, the lack of a formal ceremony does not make Charles III any less of a monarch. Queen Elizabeth II was not even crowned until February 1952. There are several reasons why Charles' coronation may be a long way off.

The coronation is symbolic and carries a great deal of weight. The new king will receive the Sovereign's Scepter, the world's largest white diamond, and a royal orb. The crown will also contain 444 gemstones. The ceremony is held in Westminster Abbey, which has hosted coronations of British monarchs for centuries. Charles will also be joined by his wife, Camilla, who will be crowned queen consort.

Charles' coronation is expected to occur in a few months, though it is possible that it will not occur until next summer. Queen Elizabeth II's coronation was delayed for over a year due to the mourning period and preparations. Westminster Abbey is the venue for coronations since the 13th century.


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