HARRISBURG - In February, Gov. Tom Wolf reintroduced his proposal to spend $2,000 in checks for low-income families. The proposal, originally introduced in February, was rejected by Republicans during the budget process after being funded by $2 billion in federal ARPA funds. The new proposal would send these checks directly to people who qualify. In addition, it would help people in need who are currently suffering from poverty or other financial hardships.

$2,000 Checks to Low-Income Pennsylvanians

In February, Gov. Tom Wolf reintroduced his PA Opportunity Program, which would send direct payments to Pennsylvania households with an income of under $80,000. While the program was initially rejected, Wolf has high hopes for passage this time. The plan would help struggling families combat high gas and food prices. But the program would only work if Pennsylvania legislators support it.

The legislation, which has already passed the House and Senate Finance Committees, is supported by Democrats. The program's goal is to help lower the state's inflation rate. However, Republicans reject Wolf's proposal for a broader program. The governor's proposal includes an increase in the state minimum wage, which is currently $7.25 an hour. The bill also calls for the state minimum wage to increase to $15 an hour by 2028.

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