JERSEY SHORE - You may be wondering how to size a boogie board for your child. There are several factors you should consider when purchasing a boogie board for your child. The correct size should be one inch higher than the child's belly button. Fast-growing kids should have the board two inches above their navel. Here are some helpful tips to choose the correct size:

Size: Boogie boards for kids typically range in length from 33 inches to 37 inches. As your child grows and gets taller, he or she may require a larger board. Sizes should also be accurate, so be sure to double-check before buying. A 36-39" board will generally fit a child between 65 and 85 pounds. Beginner boogie boards are generally lightweight and easy to carry.

Besides the height and weight, you should also consider the design of a boogie board. You may want to purchase one with a leash, which will help keep your child connected to the board. Many boogie boards have fun designs, colors, and themes that keep your child entertained. So, take your child's measurements, and choose the boogie board that gives him or her the best comfort.

The leg length should be between their knees and their chin; if your child's legs are too short, they'll drag along the water. As for weight, bodyboards can handle up to 250 pounds. You can also opt for extra-wide or thicker boards if your child's size has increased.

Boogie boards are great for young kids, as they're more portable and easier to use than bodyboards. However, older children may want to get a full-sized bodyboard as they become more confident. However, a boogie board will last for the toddler years and early learning stages of swimming.

Boogie boards come in various sizes, so you'll need to know how big your child is before buying one. For kids under eighty pounds, you'll need a 33-inch board. If your child is larger or weighs more, you'll need to opt for a longer model. Similarly, older children and adults will need a longer board. You should also consider the height of your child.


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