PHILADELPHIA - Starbucks is closing its Center City at 10th and Chestnut, Though Starbucks says safety is a priority, regulars say they have not experienced any alarming incidents at the store. Still, they acknowledge that the surrounding area has a shady reputation.

Recently, the city of Philadelphia stepped up its efforts to reduce crime and violence in its cities, and Starbucks is no exception. Recently, the company gave local management the authority to close the bathrooms in its cafes and transfer employees to other locations. In one such incident, two Black men were arrested at a Center City Starbucks in April 2018. They were denied access to the restroom because they hadn't purchased anything, but a worker called the police. Both men were arrested and held for several hours before being released.

While the company has been actively working to address the issue of crime and violence in its stores, its recent decisions have been disappointing. The closures are being forced upon Starbucks because of an increasing number of crimes and drug use in the region. The company has also been forced to shut down many of its stores in the city because of increasing crime and drug use. However, Starbucks employees are still free to work in other stores, so the closure of these stores will not affect them personally.


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