PHILADELPHIA - The Southeast Asian Market at FDR Park in Philadelphia provides an open space for Philadelphia's Asian communities to gather and sell their wares. Beginning as an informal marketplace of Laotian and Khmer vendors, today there are Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian merchants selling goods as part of an essential part of Philadelphia's history as a city of refugees and immigrants.

The Southeast Asian Market at FDR Park in Philadelphia

Food is what truly makes this place memorable; from streetside Cambodian meat skewers to freshly-fried bananas poured directly out of a wok large enough to hold a bass drum, you won't go wrong here. And what's even better - these vendors genuinely care for their customers and culture!

Philadelphia's large and prominent Cambodian diaspora provides a sense of community and belonging.

This market provides an idyllic way to escape city life on weekend mornings or afternoon strolls through South Philadelphia. Its green space and selection of food options make it the ideal spot for family picnics, lunch dates or romantic evening strolls.

FDR Park is also home to some of the city's beloved festivals, like Philadelphia's Chinese Lantern Festival or Odunde African American Festival.


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