PHILADELPHIA - After the chemical spill in a Bucks County creek over the weekend, supermarkets across the city experienced an uptick in demand for bottled water.  On Sunday afternoon, several news outlets reported empty shelves at local retailers such as Acme in South Philly.

Bottled Water Is A Must For Many Philadelphia Residents


On Friday night, Trinseo Chemical Plant in Bristol Township, Bucks County, experienced a pipe rupture that leaked 8,100 gallons of latex finishing material into Otter Creek - a tributary to the Delaware River.

Butyl acrylate, one of the chemicals present in latex products released into water, is a milky white substance known to cause skin irritation and other adverse reactions.

According to a Johns Hopkins University professor, drinking bottled water could help mitigate potential health risks from this chemical spill. But, it's essential to remember that the contaminants present in this spill are still being tested for any effects on people's well-being.

Philadelphia's water system supplies nearly two million people in the city and surrounding counties with water from the historic Delaware River basin. Traveling more than 100 miles south before it enters Philadelphia, this freshwater is treated and distributed throughout its urban surroundings.

Filtered and treated before it's distributed to homes and businesses, some panelists prefer bottled water due to its cost-effectiveness; others appreciate its taste.

Those with questions can get their queries addressed by visiting the city website or calling a local Water Department office.


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