PHILADELPHIA - If you have been selected to serve on a jury, you have been served with a summons.  The summons contains instructions regarding where to go and when to appear in court and includes a questionnaire you must fill out and return within five days. The questionnaire can be completed online, and it is essential to return it as soon as possible. The jury selection process randomly draws names from voter registration records and Bureau of Motor Vehicles records.

Juror Selection Process

If you've been called to jury duty in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, you've probably wondered how the process works.  The process starts with a summons, a court order that tells you that you must appear in court for a jury selection hearing. It also contains a questionnaire you must complete and return within five days. You can also fill out this questionnaire online. You can only be selected as a juror if you meet specific requirements, including being a United States citizen, speaking English fluently, and being physically fit to serve on a jury.

If you have a disability, a young child who needs your attention, or a disability that prevents you from performing jury service, the process can be postponed. However, you must ensure that the rescheduling request is sent before the deadline. This way, you'll have more time to prepare.

Juror Orientation

During your Juror Orientation, you will learn about jury procedures and how to properly serve on a jury.  In addition, you will receive a questionnaire that you will need to fill out to help with jury selection. After this, you will be directed to a designated courtroom. While you are there, you should avoid bringing anything that can get caught in a metal detector. Also, you should dress conservatively. Dressing in business attire is appropriate, but avoid shorts or halter tops.

After you arrive, the court staff will introduce themselves and give you your juror badge. You will then sit until your Juror Orientation begins. You will be randomly selected for the panel based on your name. You will then be called to a jury chair and be led to the courtroom for voir dire.

Courtroom Setup

Jury duty in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a civic duty that involves reporting to the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia.  The day begins with a long wait in a room filled with hard benches and endless waiting. At the end of the day, you return home. Luckily, several ways to make the time go by more quickly. For instance, ensure your phone is charged or bring a book to read.

Requirements For Jurors

If you are picked to serve on a jury, you will need to know the requirements in Philadelphia.  As a rule, people must be 18 years of age and not have served on a jury in the past three years. The Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts compiles a list of potential jurors. The names are then randomly selected by jury computer software.

Jurors are expected to dress appropriately for the case. Most courthouses suggest business-casual attire. This means slacks, a polo shirt, or a button-down shirt for men. Conversely, women should wear a skirt, a dress, or a cardigan with a professional shirt. Regardless of the courthouse, jurors should avoid wearing shorts or t-shirts.



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