PHILADELPHIA - The upcoming succession has many questions. Will Charles enjoy widespread support? Will the people admire him?  The answer to these questions will be reflected in his choices as monarch. The upcoming king has to tread a fine line. His popularity with the public has always been in doubt. He must find out how to win over the public's affection.

What Can The World Expect From King Charles III?

Prince Charles's many charitable endeavors indicate his compassion for the less fortunate. He helped establish the Prince's Trust in 1976, which has helped one million youths. He has also pushed back against criticism that he is too much of a meddlesome king.

The royal couple's relationship with the media has been turbulent.  While Charles's wife has become a beloved figure, the couple's relationship with the media has been controversial. Camilla's family is not aristocratic, and she had several relationships before marriage. Regardless, the royal couple will continue to live as loyal citizens of the United Kingdom.

As Britain's new monarch, Charles is committed to environmental causes.  Climate change and environmental conservation have been top concerns for him for decades. While Queen Elizabeth II stayed largely political-neutral and never voted, Prince Charles has long been active in these issues. Some British officials are concerned that he will wade into politics.


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