PHILADEPHIA - When we say Philadelphia, we are thinking about the largest city in Pennsylvania. It is well-known for its history, which includes the Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and the Liberty Bell. It is also home to numerous sites from the American Revolution. The city is also famous for its Philadelphia Museum of Art, featured in the film "Rocky."

The name Philadelphia is derived from Greek philos, which means "dear." This historic city is also the oldest municipality in the United States. The city was founded in 1682 by English Quaker William Penn, who named it the capital of the Pennsylvania Colony. While the city is home to one of the largest concentrations of Roman Catholics in the United States, it is also considered the poorest city in the country.

The name Philadelphia comes from the Greek words phileo, which means "to love", and adelph, which means "brother". Despite its reputation for religious tolerance, the city is known for its infamous gayborhood. Those who live in the city may be interested in learning more about its history. Philadelphia is one of the world's most beautiful and lively cities and is home to many famous historical figures.

Other names, including Alasehir also know the city. During the Ancient Greek period, the city was known as Alasehir and grew in power as coastal cities declined. It maintained its importance until late Byzantine times. It was the seat of a bishop, one of the Seven Churches of Revelation, and had a large Jewish community. Philadelphia was destroyed by an earthquake in 207 BC during the reign of Tiberius but was rebuilt quickly. In 1190, the Romans ruled the city and the Greeks later renamed it Philadelphos.


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