PHILADELPHIA - Did you know that the city of Philadelphia is located in Pennsylvania? The city's gently rolling landscape extends from the Delaware east to the Schuylkill River west.

When was the city founded? Philadelphia is the oldest American city, having been settled in 1686. Its history includes numerous important events in its history, including its founding and evolution as a nation. Its architecture dates back to colonial times and features diverse styles. In the nineteenth century, log structures were the norm, though brick structures were also widely used by this time. Philadelphia's Georgian architecture is also a prominent feature of the cityscape and is perhaps its most prominent architectural structure.

The city ranks sixth in population in the United States, and the city proper is home to 1.5 million people. The city is part of a larger metropolitan area, the fifth largest in the United States. The city's historical significance is reflected in the fact that it is home to the first U.S. Mint and the First Bank of the United States. The United States Constitution was written in Philadelphia.


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