PHILADELPHIA - If you love the taste of a refreshing, fizzy, and fresh cocktail, you'll find the best places for Mojitos in Philadelphia. This Cuban cocktail gained fame in the city five years ago and is still featured on many festive drink lists. While the classic mojito is composed of white rum, fresh lime, simple syrup, and club soda, modern variations are available in various flavors. Bartenders may also add a splash of bitters or fruit flavors.

1. Mixto Restaurant

Whether you're craving a classic mojito or something a little more complex, this restaurant is a great spot for a tasty drink. The drinks here are a refreshing mix of rum, lime, and fruit. The classic mojito is composed of six ingredients, including lime, white rum, sugar, simple syrup, and club soda. But modern mojitos can feature gin or fruit flavors as well. Mixto's new pineapple mojito is particularly delicious.

2. Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar

A massive rum bar accentuates this authentic Cuban restaurant. Its decor is the Caribbean in style, and you can even catch some late-night salsa dancing at the restaurant. The Cuban restaurant serves the classic mojito, as well as Cuban-inspired drinks and cuisine. A trip to Cuba isn't complete without a visit to Cuba Libre. Located on the second floor of the Fairmount Hotel, Cuba Libre is one of the city's best-kept secrets.

3. El Vez

A trendy Mexican restaurant serves up upscale eats in a flashy atmosphere. Mojito lovers should head here for a refreshing drink to start the evening. It's also the perfect place for a nightcap after a long work day. Mojito lovers should also check out El Vez for its upscale ambiance and trendy vibe. The best part? You can get a mojito for less than $10!

4. Copabanana

For the best mojitos in Philadelphia, go on a Tuesday and try one of their specialties! Located on South Street in the University City neighborhood, Copabanana is a student favorite. It's a melting pot of social circles, and many students make it their first date spot. After the students leave, it transforms into a neighborhood bar for West Philadelphians.

5. Cantina Los Caballitos

Cantina "Los Caballitos" offers a unique twist on traditional Mexican food. The interior of this restaurant is reminiscent of those found in Tijuana or Mexico City. You can also sample their famous Mojitos and fresh fruit margaritas, as well as Mexican bottles. They also offer a brunch menu on weekends, from 11 am to 4 pm. A brunch menu is a great option for those who don't want to order a full Mexican meal.

6. El Vez

Trendy Mexican joint El Vez for Mojitos is a hip choice for upscale eats in a flashy setting. With its stylish decor, this restaurant serves Mexican favorites with a twist. Order one of the delicious mojitos on the menu, and then head to the flashy bar to get another one. The service is quick and friendly. The food comes at a reasonable price, as well.

7. Blue Corn Restaurant

If you're looking for a great place to grab a mojito in Philadelphia, look no further than Blue Corn Restaurant. This cozy Mexican restaurant serves authentic food without the Tex-Mex feel, and their specialties include mojitos and traditional Mexican dishes. Plus, you can even order the classics during happy hour. Blue Corn opened in 2014 with the intention of becoming more than a taqueria.

8. Cantina Dos Segundos

If you're looking for a place to enjoy delicious mojitos in Philadelphia, look no further than Cantina Dos Segundo. Located in the heart of Old City, this Mexican-themed bar and grill is an excellent place to go for a Mojito. They have a wide variety of delicious drinks, including mojitos. If you're interested in trying some new drinks, you can try the mango margarita or the cantina margarita.

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