We all know the type. He is usually spotted mildly intoxicated, hovering around a South Street Taven at 11:30 pm on a weeknight, or seen roaming the Italian market, with what you can only assume to be a joint sticking out of a knockoff Eagles hat he copped from a street vendor outside of the Xfinity Center.

This style is a distinct one. At least one item of clothing has to be something Eagles, Flyers, or Sixers related like a hat, shirt, sweatpants, oversized sweatshirt, or jacket, heck, why not all of them; even if it is early May and none of them are playing. His footwear of choice is a loose-laced pair of beat-up boots that could be Timbs but may also be the off-brand steel-toed boots he's required to wear for work. He will rarely be caught wearing a scarf unless it's sports team-related and will almost always have a lighter that he'll let you borrow when you've gotten drunk enough to feel the need to bum a cig.

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