PHILADELPHIA - If you're in the market for a first date outfit idea, there are many ways to look great and feel confident.  Whether you're going on an outdoor date in the park or at a quaint cafe, remember to dress for the occasion. Wear conservative clothes and avoid graphic designs. Also, wear a watch and a tweed jacket.

Dress conservatively

Dressing conservatively is a good rule of thumb for first dates. While this doesn't necessarily mean that you should wear a revealing outfit, it will help you stand out and be more attractive. Overdoing it can turn your date off and make you appear unconfident. Instead, wear comfortable, nonrestrictive clothes that allow you to move freely.

Men are also likely to perceive a woman's dress as more suggestive than her body language, which isn't entirely accurate. Although Gueguen's research was not specifically about first dates, the findings still highlight the dangers of misinterpreting women's clothing choices. In general, most women don't dress to seduce men - and it's best not to think that you should. It's better to move slowly and ensure you're making the right impression.

Avoid graphic designs

For first dates, avoid wearing clothing that displays offensive graphic designs. While it can be fun to be creative and show off your personal style, you also want to be tasteful. For example, avoid wearing graphic t-shirts with offensive comments. Similarly, don't wear obnoxious graphic t-shirts with skulls or metallic paint splashes.

Wear a watch

A classic men's watch is an excellent way to impress your date when you're on a first date. Not only does it make a classic fashion statement, but it also shows a man's attention to detail and taste in jewelry. Plus, it will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Most guys don't wear watches anymore, and it's a great way to show her that you take pride in your appearance and are punctual.

A watch is an essential accessory for a first date and doesn't have to be expensive. You can choose a sporty or metallic strap watch for a formal dinner or a casual one for a daytime meet-up. In any case, a watch will help your whole outfit look more polished and put together.

Wear a tweed jacket

The tweed jacket is excellent for a casual date because it creates an interesting textured look. This classic jacket can be paired with a pair of tapered jeans and comfortable casual shoes. Tweed jackets are also great for a summer date because they are perfect for a cup of coffee.

Tweed was originally designed for farmers and outdoorsmen. Eventually, its durability made it a popular sports jacket. Men can also wear a tweed blazer to the office or to a casual after-work event. Tweed has a timeless charm, and a brown tweed jacket will look great with any ensemble. Opt for a monochrome tweed jacket if you want a more modern look.

The tweed jacket is a classic first-date outfit for men. It is an excellent casual date outfit because it provides plenty of room for pockets. It also makes a man look more masculine. You can wear it with a pair of tapered jeans, which is a perfect first-date outfit for men.

If you're going out to a fancy restaurant or on a date at a more formal club, it's a good idea to wear a suit. However, this isn't a must for a first date. Most first dates happen at more casual locations, so it's best to check ahead and ensure you have the appropriate attire. You can also opt for a blazer or sports jacket. This will look dapper, but you'll need to ensure it's appropriate for the venue.

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