PHILADELPHIA - While many instruments a rock band can play, some are essential. These include the Drum kit, Electric keyboard, Rhythm guitar, and Piano. Let's look at each one in detail. This way, you can decide which instruments are right for your band.

Drum kit

Having a great drum kit adds flare to your performance. Drummers often customize their kits to fit their personal tastes and play styles.  Some drummers even create custom bass heads to show off their artistic side. Customizing your kit is a good way to promote yourself and make your drum set stand out from the crowd.

Drum kits in Rock bands are not natively supported in a DAW, but there are ways to use a MIDI controller to map them to keyboard keys. One option is to download an application called Kontakt. It supports drum kits by Impulse and Native Instruments KORE and can even be played with a MIDI controller.

Most drummers extend their basic set by adding a second crash, splash, and china/effects cymbal to their kit. In addition, a drummer will typically have two hi-hat cymbals mounted on a pedal-operated stand.

Electric keyboard

Electric keyboards have a wide range of sounds. They can simulate orchestral instruments, organs, and powerful synth lead sounds. They can also produce sound effects. In addition, they add more sound to songs than other instruments. The electric keyboard is also easy to play quickly since its mechanism is fairly straightforward.

Accordions, meanwhile, are a unique kind of guitar that is box-shaped. It has a bellows and reed sound and plugs into an amplifier on stage. You can also play solo parts with this instrument. It is essential for any rock band.

Electric keyboards are another essential instrument in a Rock Band game. Although some instruments are more commonly associated with a rock band, lesser-known ones are also very important. For instance, a good guitar can be a Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster. Another good guitar is the Epiphone Les Paul Studio.

Rhythm guitar

A rhythm guitarist plays the rhythmic part of a song. He or she supports the lead instruments that play the melodic lines and improvised solos. The lead instrument can be any instrument or human voice. The rhythm guitar usually plays supporting chords and helps form the music. At times, a rhythm guitarist may also play more complex passages.

Rhythm guitar players must master chord playing and strumming techniques. They also must learn to time. Unlike lead guitar players, the role of the rhythm guitar player is important in a rock band. Without a rhythm guitar, the song would fall apart. Several of the best rock guitarists, including James Hetfield, Chuck Berry, and John Lennon, have played rhythm guitar.

A rhythm guitarist blends with the other instruments in a rock band. His or her role in songwriting is to create harmony between the beats and the melody. In addition, he or she must be able to lock in with the bass player and drummer.


The role of the piano is to play counter-melody to the electric guitar. Although the vocalist is the king of the rock band, the role of the piano is to support him. It is important to have a good range, a steady hand, and the ability to play acoustic guitar.

The piano has a long history in rock music. It was a key instrument for Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, and Fats Domino. The instrument can be played as a solo instrument or as a member of a band. It can be played on a straight piano, an organ, or a synthesizer. Some of the greatest rock bands have featured pianists, such as Freddie Mercury and Axl Rose.

Flute: In Rock Band, the flute is an important instrument. Not only is it the instrument used by Jethro Tull, but also by Focus' lead singer Thijs Van Leer.


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