PHILADELPHIA - The Most Important Marching Band Instruments.  Clarinets produce high and low sounds among the Most Important Marching Band Instruments. They share some similarities with the flute and are also a reed instrument. Although they are less well-known than the flute, they play an important role in the band. Here are a few more listed below!


Contrabass is one of the most important instruments in marching bands. This instrument was originally designed by John Philip Sousa and has three valves. It is a large, heavy instrument with a forward-facing bell that rests over the player's right shoulder. It resembles a trombone bent at an angle and has a range equal to the F tuba. It is also available in BB contrabass tuba versions.

Another important instrument is the flute. This instrument provides a beautiful high-pitched tone that carries the melody of a composition. It is a versatile instrument that can be played solo. It is often used to highlight important parts of a marching band piece. Another instrument in a marching band is the piccolo, which is similar to the flute but is smaller. This instrument plays the highest-pitched tones and adds vibrations to the marching band piece.

Tenor drums

Tenor drums are the largest and heaviest drums in a marching band's drum line. A marching tenor drum can weigh between 30 and 45 pounds, depending on the model and number of drums in a set. The tenor drum is used in a number of band ensembles, including military bands, police bands, and civilian marching bands.

Tenor drums can be played with a mallet or drumsticks. These implements come in a variety of materials, with the most common materials being hickory and aluminum. They can also have different heads, ranging from large, smooth discs to traditional beads and felt.


The glockenspiel is a mallet percussion instrument with a broad range of octaves and is used by marching bands to play various musical compositions.  The instrument is played with a mallet or beater attached to the instrument's strap, tied over the marching musician's shoulder. The instrument is also sometimes called a bell lyre or military glockenspiel. In addition to the glockenspiel, other instruments played by marching band members include the xylophone, another mallet percussion instrument.

There are several types of glockenspiels. Some are designed for orchestras, have a carbon steel bar, and are tuned to orchestral pitches. Some orchestral glockenspiels are inexpensive and require a separate stand and table to be played. Some orchestral glockenspiels have a damping pedal that allows the performer to control the duration of a tone.


The cornet is a small wind instrument that is related to the trumpet. Both are played by blowing into a blowhole and manipulating several valves. A cornet is one of the most common marching band instruments. It can play a melody or a harmony part, depending on its playing style. Trombones are also common marching band instruments. Trombones use a sliding mechanism to produce different musical tones.

A cornet section usually contains four cornets, each with two or three voices. It is the highest-pitched instrument in the brass band and has a bright tone. Its sound is so bright that it can be heard above the sound of the full band tutti. A cornet can also be used as a solo instrument. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to transport.


The trombone is one of the most expressive instruments in the brass family. Its unique shape allows players to make different sounds with various slide movements. Several members of a band usually play trombones, and marching bands may feature up to fifteen trombones. Some marching bands also include the mellophone, a middle register brass instrument.

Another important instrument in marching bands is the flute. This small and versatile instrument produces a high-pitched sound perfect for highlighting important parts in a marching band's composition. Another important marching band instrument is the piccolo, which is similar to the flute but is smaller. Piccolos are the highest-pitched instruments in a marching band, adding many vibrations to the piece.


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