PHILADELPHIA - When it comes to free guitar tuner apps, plenty of options are available to musicians of all types. Some of the most popular options are gStrings, Pitched Tuner, Chromatic Tuner, InsTuner, TonalEnergy, and a variety of others. But how do you choose the best one? Let's examine some of the most popular choices and compare them.

Pitched Tuner

The Pitched Tuner is one of the most popular guitar tuner apps for Android and iOS, and it supports a variety of instruments. Although it may not be the easiest tool for beginners, it is a good choice for more advanced guitar players. Users can tune the guitar using the chromatic scale, a useful tool for advanced guitarists. This app has several features, including chord diagrams, lessons, and Tonebridge effects. Another benefit of this app is that it is very simple to use, with a simple needle display that displays the pitch of each tine. Its display is clear and easy to read and works well in noisy environments.

Pitched Tuner also has customizable tuning. Users can choose from over 200 different custom tunings. They can also save favorite tunings and access them from the Settings tab.

Chromatic Guitar Tuner

A chromatic guitar tuner for Android or iOS will allow you to tune your guitar easily and accurately. These apps are generally free and include a simple interface. However, the more advanced features will require you to pay a minimal fee. You can also try chromatic tuners with a pitch pipe and a tone generator.

The app also has features like a metronome and a library of basic chord diagrams. The app supports most stringed instruments and incorporates a digital tuning fork option. It also shows you your progress during the tuning process.


The app features an easy-to-use interface with a display showing each string's frequency and pitch. It also has a chromatic function and needle to mark the tuning of your instrument. It supports acoustic, electric, cello, ukulele, and other instruments. It is free to download and has a range of tunings.

This app is designed to help guitar players learn to tune their instruments. It has a large database of over 350 tunings and supports left-handed and right-handed instruments. It also has comfort features like sorting and searching. Furthermore, it has a built-in mic that helps you easily tune your instrument.


The app's main focus is tuning and intonation, so it's easy to use. Its main screen has a large tuner, a smiley face to indicate when you're in tune, and additional information such as transposition and pitch deviation. It also lets you view the current concert A frequency.

This free guitar tuner app for Android and iOS is easy to use, with quick settings like an alternate tuning system and a metronome. It also offers three skill levels, multiple instrument selections, and automatic transpositions. The app also has features to record audio and video. TonalEnergy also has a metronome with multiple voice count-ins and subdivision patterns, allowing for more sound selection flexibility. It supports Ableton link, allowing you to use the app to play music from your computer.

BOSS Tuner

BOSS Tuner is an excellent guitar tuner app that allows you to choose the tuning of an acoustic or electric guitar and the app also works with stringed instruments like ukuleles and violins. It offers more than 100 preset tunings and comes with a chromatic function. This app is free to download and uses your phone's microphone for accurate tuning.

The main difference between an app and a real tuner is accuracy. A real tuner detects vibrations from the string when played and adjusts the tone as necessary. An app works by registering the sound of the string being struck but can pick up other noises in the room, including background noises and people on stage.


If you are looking for an app to help you tune guitar strings, then GuitarTuna is for you. It has various features, including accurate tuning, a metronome, and a large library of guitar chords. It also offers pitch calibration and support for multiple alternate tunings. GuitarTuna is a great way to train your ear if you are a beginner.

The user interface is easy to use and can be customized according to your preferences. It processes audio quickly and clearly, and you can choose between manual and automatic tuning. It also distinguishes the sound of your instrument from background noise. One of the best things about this app is that it's free to download.


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