PHILADELPHIA - The phrase 'cue the music' has two meanings. First, it refers to a line of songs.  Secondly, it refers to an orderly list of songs. Sometimes, a person uses this phrase to refer to a playlist of songs. For example, a person might say that a song called "Drivers License" by Oliva Rodrigo is in a queue, which means that the song is in the playlist and will eventually play. On the other hand, when a concert starts, people usually shout, 'cue the music!'

Another example of a situation where the term 'queue' is used in a sentence is when a person is queuing up to buy something. It can refer to a line of shoppers waiting for the goods. However, the phrase 'queue the music' has other uses outside of music. The term 'cue' is also used to describe a stick used in games. It can also refer to a signal, such as when a conductor taps the lectern, signaling the musicians to begin playing.

In performing arts, 'cue the music is used to signal the start of a show or a concert. The term "queue" comes from the Latin cauda, which means tail. It is a way of lining up the music before it begins.


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