PHILADEPHIA, PA - Whether you barbecue on a top-of-the-line multi-burner grill or a less expensive model, some things never change. Spark-ups, spills, grease-fires, and flare-ups are going to happen when cooking in the backyard.

Whether you're just feeding the family or entertaining friends and family. Outdoor cooking can cause severe damage to your patio, deck, or porch. As outdoor living space is becoming increasingly popular, maintaining a deck can be very costly.

So what can you do to save your deck from your grill? How about investing in a grill pad now to avoid spending hundreds of dollars later on fixes and repairs.

A Grill Pad is a lightweight, flexible, fiber-cement deck cover that will outlast most grills.

They are very easily cleaned with a garden hose and "breathes" to minimize water buildup that can cause stains and even mildew on the expensive surface beneath them.

The pads even come in designer colors to match any outdoor décor. Choose from a 30-inch round or a 30 x 42-inch oval or rectangle shape in Earthtone, Berry Black, Granite Grey, Big Green, or Brick Red.

So, before you put that new grill on your expensive deck, think about protecting it and giving yourself the peace of mind that your deck will be covered.


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