PHILADELPHIA - Duplexes, lofts, and bi-levels are all possible layouts for apartments.  In this article, we'll go over the basics of these types of apartments. If you're considering building a two-story apartment, you'll want to know the differences between these options.


You may want to consider a duplex if you're looking for more privacy than you'll find in single-family homes. Duplexes typically feature separate entrances and have few common areas, so you'll spend much less time with neighbors. Furthermore, duplexes are less expensive than comparable-sized single-family homes. Most duplexes also have a yard. That way, you can share the cost of upkeep and maintenance.

A duplex is a type of apartment building with two or more units. The units are typically owned by one person who may not live in one of the units. They are then leased to tenants. There are two kinds of duplexes: triplex and fourplex. A triplex building contains three apartments, and a fourplex building has four apartments.


Lofts are apartments with two floors, often with high ceilings. The open and bright space often features floor-to-ceiling windows that bring in natural light. Natural light helps to keep utility bills down and is a mood booster. In urban settings, lofts are usually located in trendy neighborhoods that once had a heavy manufacturing population. Because lofts are often in historic buildings, they can be expensive.

Lofts can be an excellent option for creative people. Since these apartments often have high ceilings, they offer plenty of space for decorating. Some may have a roof deck or garden.


Bi-levels are two-level homes with two short flights of stairs between the levels. The front door opens to a landing, and one short flight of stairs leads up to the upper floor, and the other short flight leads down to the lower floor. The upper floor usually features high ceilings, while the lower floor typically features lower ceilings. These homes were once rare but are becoming increasingly common in modern buildings.

Although the main disadvantage of bi-levels is the stairs, they also have some benefits. First, they offer privacy since the living and sleeping areas are separate. There is also less chance of a neighbor's house seeing your private space. Second, they give you the option of a garage.


Maisonettes are flats that can have two floors. These flats are typically converted from larger houses by a landlord or seller. They are also common above businesses and are helpful for those who need a cheaper space in a desirable location. You can also rent a maisonette as a vacation home.

Maisonettes can also fit the definition of a condo, townhouse, or duplex. They are separate units that share a common wall and may have street access. Because they are small, they are sometimes referred to as "little houses." A maisonette is smaller than a standard apartment but more significant than a house.

Junior fours

A junior four apartment is an excellent option for a more flexible floor plan. These two-story units can have either one or two bedrooms and are usually affordable. The additional space can be used as a home office or formal dining area. In addition to a desk, the space is usually ample enough for a computer and printer, as well as a few shelves and a bulletin board.

Although junior fours apartments may technically be two bedrooms, the rooms are not as large as those in a master bedroom. In addition to this, many junior four apartments used to have separate dining rooms, which is why their bedrooms are so small. Many of these apartments have alcove rooms with windows near the kitchen, which can be converted into a second bedroom.


Walk-ups are generally located in older buildings and have fewer units. This means fewer people are living in the building, giving you more privacy. Additionally, you are less likely to compete with others for common areas, such as the rooftop. However, walk-ups aren't the best choice for everyone, so you should know your personal needs before committing to a walk-up.

One advantage of walk-ups is that they're cheaper than most other buildings. This makes them ideal for new residents or people looking for affordable starter apartments. These apartments also allow new residents to build up their savings accounts. However, if you've lived in an affordable apartment for years, it isn't worth sacrificing location just to save a few extra bucks.


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