PHILADEPHIA, PA - A family vacation can be a magical time of your life. Its ta time for family fun, enjoyment, excitement, and adventure. However, even a short break can be pretty costly.

A staycation is a vacation that doesn't bankrupt the family budget and allows you to enjoy all the benefits you usually derive from a family vacation.

Simply put, a staycation is a local vacation, and it's the biggest buzzword this summer. Staying in is the new going away! And there are so many exciting staycation ideas in the Philadelphia area and wonderful activities to participate in.

But, the key to a successful staycation is in the planning. Otherwise, it's just another d spay spent at home or doing chores about the house.

How to Have A Successful Staycation

  • Plan it well. Before your staycation commences, brainstorm ideas, think of things your family really wants to do.
  • You are on vacation; tell people you are not home or to reach unless there is an emergency.
  • No work talk, you are on holiday.
  • Check out WHEREPhilly or call your state or city's tourism department for upcoming special events

Staycation Ideas

Here are a few ideas to get you started;

  • A family sports day - challenge other families to a day of activities over the park. The Rocky Statue and Art Museum Steps
  • Visit the gems in your neighborhood - the museums and places of historical interest that you drive past every day but have never had the time to investigate further. Best Kid Friendly-Museums to Visit in Philadelphia
  • Photographic Zoo Safari - take lots of snaps of the beautiful animals in your local zoo. Try a Visit to The Philadelphia Zoo
  • Learn to play a musical instrument - just picking up a few guitar chords will enable you to strum along to most pop and rock songs.

Whatever you choose to do, remember to have a good time. There really are no limits to the amount of fun you can have.

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