Philadelphia, PA - After being denied by dozens of literary agents, author Ivy Smoak made it her mission to never take no for an answer.

Best-Selling Author Ivy Smoak Takes the Literary World by Storm

With her passion for reading and writing and lots of hard work and determination, Smoak has become an international best-selling author and taking the literary world by storm with her romance novels. Her self-published book Temptation, part of The Hunted Series, is #11 on Amazon’s ebook bestsellers for 2021. The #11 book is the highest rank of any self-published book on that list since it was created in 2007.

Ivy Smoak is breaking records and selling millions of copies of her books and even saw a surge in sales during COVID. Ivy is preparing for her upcoming book release, Matchmaker, part of her Empire High series. Matchmaker has already been selected as an Amazon Editor’s Pick for Best Romance. This book is scheduled to be released on May 20th.

Ivy met the inspiration behind her Temptation book at the University of Delaware her freshman year of college. Much like the main characters in Temptation, Ivy and her now-husband Ryan ran into each other. The rest was history. Ivy was studying Marketing, and Ryan was working towards a degree in Finance and Economics.

Ivy wrote her first novel in college but was denied by dozens of agents. Since both Ivy and Ryan enjoyed writing, they each decided to write a fantasy novel and try self-publishing. Again, no luck. Eventually, Fifty Shades of Grey significantly impacted the book industry, and that’s when Ryan encouraged Ivy to write a romance book.

International Best-Selling Author Ivy Smoak and her Husband and Business Partner, Ryan Hauge

Now, in 2021, Temptation has been crushing records and making a name for itself on Amazon’s bestseller list. Ivy has also gained the attention of thousands of fans across the globe.

With a Facebook page called “Ivy Smoaksters,” over 18,000 fans of Ivy’s books come to discuss the latest read, upcoming releases, and much more. Ivy and Ryan are now a team in both marriage and their professional lives, as Ivy will write chapter by chapter. Ryan will edit and make suggestions. They credit a lot of their successes to each other and the work they accomplish together.

Ivy Smoak’s multiple book series is so unique that the storylines and characters tie into each other. Currently, Ivy is preparing for the new release of her upcoming book Matchmaker, part of The Empire High Book Series. The collection features the main character from the Hunted Series in high school.

Ivy jumps forward 16 years in the fourth novel, tying into the rest of the Hunted Series. She plans to release the fourth installment of the series in late May, just in time for her fans to pick up the latest summer read.

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