Philadelphia, PA - For nearly 30 years, Philly Pride Presents has organized the annual LGBTQ Pride Parade in Philadelphia and numerous other Pride Festivals

But sadly this year, they have decided to cancel all upcoming pride events and dissolved the Organization.

The disbanding of the LGBTQ organization and cancellation of The Pride Lite Festival were announced after the Organization Philly Pride Presents left a controversial post on their Facebook page.

The Facebook post reportedly used transphobic language to describe events at New York City's Stonewall Inn in 1969, which led to the birthplace of the LGBTQ rights movement.

The post was viewed as siding with police officers as the victims of the 1969 uprising against police and used derogatory language to describe transgender women at the event.

Soon after the controversial post was made, it and other posts disappeared from its Facebook page. The group later posted an apology on the page, Commenting, "deeply sorry that these posts unintentionally offended and hurt the LGBTQ+ black, brown and trans community."

Then news came to no surprise to many in the community as Philly Pride Presents had recently been involved in several controversies. This included claims of racial discrimination and corporate ties in recent years.

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