PHILADELPHIA - On Thursday, April 28, 2022, Action Wellness encourages participants to DINE OUT as a way to support those living with HIV through the Philadelphia region during the ongoing pandemic.

Dining Out For Life, an Annual Action Wellness Fundraising Event in Philadelphia

The annual dining out for life fundraiser, Dining Out For Life, has been held in Philadelphia for more than three decades. The event is a way for the community to give back and support local businesses that have been impacted by the HIV pandemic. It is held in partnership with local restaurants and encourages community participation and adherence to CDC guidelines. Those in the dining industry can donate by ordering takeout to the participating restaurants.

The fundraising event was created in 1991 by a volunteer from Action Wellness. The nonprofit organization provides services to people with HIV throughout Pennsylvania and the Delaware Valley. Before the pandemic hit the city, the fundraising event was estimated to raise about $200,000 annually. This year, the event is projected to bring in more than eighty thousand dollars. The organization is currently looking for a new location in Philadelphia.

Area restaurants donate a portion of their food sales to Action Wellness which in turn helps those affected by HIV in the Delaware Valley. The hospitality industry has faced unprecedented hardships the past two years, and Action Wellness is exceptionally grateful for the restaurants that can participate this year.


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