PHILADELPHIA - While the fashion industry is looking forward to a year filled with a more relaxed pace and fewer wrinkles, 2022 is also set to be a time of partying. With more people getting vaccinated, people finally stepping out of their homes and shedding their loungewear.

Looking Forward to Fashion for 2022

The fashion world is also looking forward to the return of catsuits, which have been seen on the runways of Saint Laurent and Hailey Bieber. For those who love to be under the limelight, 2022 will bring more mini dresses and voluminous skirts.


Corsets aren't a new trend, but they'll be everywhere next year. The corset top, a popular fashion piece, took over the Spring 2022 runways, and big-name designers included it in their collections. It can be worn casually with jeans, but it's also a versatile piece you can wear over dresses or underneath a blazer. It's not just for the catwalk, either - celebrities like Bella Hadid are already sporting them in public.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are another trend, and they're expected to become even more daring. They'll reveal more skin and featureless fabric, and they'll look like bras. For a more practical look, consider slim-fit, high-rise trousers. Matching two-piece sets are also expected to be popular and can be worn with a chunky chain necklace and dressy sandals with a square toe. Embellished sandals are also likely to be big this year, with crystals and rhinestone jewels adorning them.

Uggs, Tube tops, and Chokers

Similarly, women's clothing is becoming more accessible. Tube tops and choker necklaces were a huge hit during the early 2000s, and they'll still be around come 2022. These slinky garments can be paired with a mini skirt or an Ugg boot. The key to staying fashionable in the twenty-first century is knowing how to mix extremes. And this season, we'll get to see lots of sexier pieces than ever before.


Superwoman suits will become hugely popular, with more sleeveless styles and graphic patterns. Those with a sexy figure can look fabulous in a catsuit. Gwen Stefani performed in a mesh tank top with a superwoman suit. In 2002, it was all about showing off the bellies and belly, and there's still a strong belly jewelry trend.

The 90's

The 90s aren't going anywhere. Baby tees, combat boots, and faux leather pieces will continue to dominate women's fashion in 2022. However, this style isn't about to die just yet. Instead, it's back to make a comeback. For the decade, the 1990s were the time for showing off your belly. They also became the time for belly jewelry.

Bohemian Styles

Bohemian styles aren't going anywhere. The bohemian style is no-holds-barred, focusing on accessories, travel, and other factors. A modern, urban bohemian look will appeal to urban women. The trend has been popular for several years, but a new generation has made it even more daring this season. The sexier women will be wearing the same trend as their younger counterparts.

Looking Forward to 2022 Trends

While the noughties have significantly influenced the fashion world for many decades, they will also make a comeback in 2022, even though they're not going anywhere. The fashion trends that will emerge in the new decade are cozy loungewear, party wear, and throwbacks from the '90s. A few key trends to expect in the coming year are comfort and retro homages.

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