PHILADELPHIA - If you are traveling this Thanksgiving, it is wise to plan ahead. The first thing you should do is to check the gas prices in the area. AAA estimates that the average price of gasoline in and around Philadelphia is $3.59 per gallon. Moreover, 89 percent of Philly-area Thanksgiving travelers drive to their destinations.

According to PennDOT, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the busiest day for travel in Pennsylvania, with 665k local travelers relying on their automobiles, and according to the AAA, Philadelphia's Thanksgiving traffic is the worst during the week of the holiday.

The peak travel period is between noon and two p.m. It's also recommended to stay in the area until Sunday to avoid the rush hour. The travel period is the busiest since the pandemic, which is why residents should plan ahead and extend their stay until Sunday. If you do choose to travel, it's best to avoid traveling in the afternoon on Wednesday and instead opt to go to museums and galleries on that day.

The best time to travel in Philadelphia is between noon and midnight. However, if you are traveling to a new destination, arriving three hours early is a good idea. The airport's economy parking lot will be full. And don't forget to consider public transportation. There will be a surplus of busses on the roadways and in the terminals. Getting to the airport early allows you to clear security and get a spot.

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