PHILADELPHIA, PA - Philadelphians insist that a Philadelphia Cheesesteak Sandwich needs a Philadelphia long roll to become an authentic cheesesteak.


But that's just the first component of the sandwich; next, you need thinly sliced steak cooked on a flat-top grill and topped off with some onions and cheese.

The Olivieri brothers Pat and Harry were created by inventing the original Philadelphia Cheesesteak. When they accidentally in 1930 improvised with a few leftovers. Substituting the hot dogs with grilled steak slices, with some onions a into an Italian roll.

Years later, Kraft came out with the iconic Cheez Whiz. The cheese spread and a few places started using it as the cheese for their Cheesesteaks, what today the classic tourist cheesesteak found at Pat's Geno's in South Philly. PS, Real Philly Cheesesteaks don't use Cheez Whiz; most everyone uses Provolone or American Cheese.

Being in Philadelphia, the Italian Market is a must-see. Geno's Steaks at 1219 S. 9th St, across from Pat's, are considered institutions of the city and tourist traps if you ask a local.

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