Philadelphia, PA - Gigantic dinosaurs and large-than-life insects have overtaken Philadelphia Zoo (3400 W. Girard Avenue).  This immersive multi-sensory experience is a new one! Staying Power: Go Extinct or Be Different will open on April 1st. It will feature 25 animatronic dinosaurs the size of human beings and animatronic insects the size of human beings. Visitors will be able to discover the traits, behaviors, and exceptional skills that enabled insects to survive after dinosaurs died.

As Staying Power reveals the adaptations required to survive on this planet and how we can make positive changes to save it--and our own lives--we will take visitors through the ages, from modern times to 100 million years ago.

Highlights include the Giganotosaurus (a 60-foot-long, moving Giganotosaurus), a carnivore thought to be larger than the T-rex, and the 15-foot-tall Peacock Jumping Spider that will demonstrate its unique mating dance.

The Spinosaurus, an ancient dinosaur that lived in the late Cretaceous period, will be a highlight for guests. They will also be amazed at the hive of giant honeybees, which buzz and dance to communicate. You might even smell their honey! The public can officially visit Staying Power on Saturday, April 1, and Philadelphia Zoo members on Thursday, March 30,

Tickets for Staying power include a standard Zoo admission ticket and $6 for the unique experience. This applies to both children and adults ages 2+. Members receive free Zoo admission with reservations and a special discount on Staying Power. The Philadelphia Zoo is open every day this spring from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.  For tickets and more information, visit:  Zoo Ticketing


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