PHILADELPHIA - Corridor Contemporary’s upcoming exhibition opening features a remarkable and captivating body of work developed over the past few years. On Friday, September 2, 2022, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., Corridor Contemporary is debuting the opening of their new solo exhibition “Deconstruct'' by Nigerian artist Arinze Stanley. He is known for his hyperrealistic pencil, and charcoal portraits of black subjects embody the complex emotions associated with the contemporary black experience.

“Corridor Contemporary is truly honored to present Arinze’s work. His conviction to social and political issues and conversations is truly inspiring, and how he communicates his and his peers’ thoughts, feelings, struggles, and triumphs is astounding.” - Damian Munoz, Corridor Contemporary’s Gallery Director.

Stanley began drawing at six, using graphite pencils and materials from his family’s paper business. The self-taught artist developed his photorealistic style by employing the three Ps: patience, practice, and persistence. Stanley works from live models, reference images, and his own imagination to create these methodical works. He often spends up to two to four months completing a single portrait. Inspired by his personal experiences living in Nigeria, Stanley’s practice speaks to the realities of police brutality and systemic racism and conveys his commitment to social justice and political activism.

“As I continue my quest to explore contemporary matters affecting my society, I am also very compelled to exalt the resilient spirit of our youth in my new body of work. I believe the youths are the building blocks of every nation. As a Nigerian youth, I feel most compelled to project a positive image of our youths through this body of work in my attempt to dismantle the stereotype of the Nigerian youth. I believe our leaders of tomorrow are the biggest assets of today.”

“Deconstruct” is a commentary on Nigerian youth's bold and resilient nature. Amongst unemployment, bad governance, poor infrastructure, and several obstructions, the exhibition focuses on the emerging social-political consciousness and industriousness of the youth of Nigeria. It also aims to deconstruct the stereotype around the identity of Nigerian youth and reconstruct a greater narrative showcasing the resilient and ambitious spirit of the youth. The labor-intensive collection took several years to complete as the lifelike pieces range in size, the largest in the exhibition is 7 feet by 5 feet.

Along with “Deconstruct”, the new “Philadelphia Featured” floor will continue to be on view. The gallery's second floor is dedicated to highlighting a diverse group of local Philadelphia-based artists. The artists featured in the exhibition represent the incredible vibrancy, thoughtfulness, and talent that is omnipresent in the Philadelphia art scene.

The exhibition opening on Friday, September 2, 2022, will give the public the first look at the captivating collection of work by Stanley. The opening will feature complimentary beverages provided by Two Robbers Seltzer Co.

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