PHILADELPHIA - You should get a good headset microphone if you want to improve your singing.  There are a variety of headsets available on the market today. We will discuss the features of each one and which one is best for your needs. Here are some tips to choose good headset microphones.

Shure SM35

The Shure SM35 headset microphone is an ideal solution for singers and multi-instrumentalists.  It features a cardioid polar pattern, which minimizes feedback. The microphone also comes with two windscreens. It also has a standard TQG and XLR connection and is available for wired and wireless applications. Its lithium-ion battery can last up to ten hours. The microphone also has a battery life indicator, which indicates the remaining runtime.

The Shure SM35 headset microphone features a built-in Ethernet port for network configuration and network scanning. It also supports software integration. It comes with Shure's Wireless Workbench software and can be controlled with iOS devices.

Shure PGA31

For singers, the Shure PGA31 headset microphone is a high-quality microphone that delivers exceptional clarity and fidelity. Its cardioid polar pattern provides superior separation from background noise and minimizes signal bleed. This headset microphone also offers a convenient carrying case and includes two AA batteries. Lastly, it's compatible with Shure's wireless bodypack systems.

This microphone comes with a high-quality dynamic microphone. It's designed for pick-up sound even in the loudest environments. It is adjustable to fit the right or left ear, and its boom microphone pivots 270 degrees. It also features a supra-aura ear cup that provides sound to just one ear, making it ideal for podcast settings.

Shure WH20XLR

The Shure WH20XLR is a dynamic, head-worn headset microphone that offers high voice pickup while minimizing visibility. Its low-profile design makes it an excellent choice for active users and stage appearances. The cardioid pickup pattern isolates voice from unwanted sounds, while the frequency response includes a voice-frequency presence peak. Other features include a 3-PIN male XLR connector and a detachable belt clip.

This headset microphone is a condenser with high sensitivity (98dB) and is compatible with both USB and XLR-type connectors. The headset microphone also uses ClearCast technology, which reduces noise while reproducing high frequencies. The headset microphone is also comfortable, with ear cushions made of fabric airwaves. It retails for $139.

Shure Beta 87A

The Shure Beta 87A is a superior-quality headset microphone for singers. The mic's narrow pickup pattern and excellent sound rejection from the sides make it perfect for various musical settings. In addition, Shure Beta mics have minimal bleed from other instruments on stage.

The SM58 is a great microphone for singers who want to highlight the details of their voices. Its frequency response reaches 10 kHz, similar to a studio LDC. The microphone's hard steel grills are very durable and prevent feedback. It also allows a singer to increase the gain before feedback occurs.

Shure SM7B

The Shure SM7B headset microphone is an excellent choice for singers looking for a high-quality microphone. The microphone features a cardioid polar pattern which means it is less sensitive to loud noises and minimizes signal distortion. The SM7B also features a convenient mounting mechanism that allows the microphone to attach easily to a stand.

Another notable feature of this headset microphone is its USB connection, making it easier to use. It also has a wide frequency response, making it great for podcasting, voice-overs, and more. A USB microphone isn't as robust as a dynamic microphone, but it's easier to use and less expensive.

Shure SM35-TQG

The Shure SM35-TQG is a cardioid condenser headset microphone that offers high-quality sound and hands-free vocal performance. Its features include wide frequency response, good off-axis rejection, and a low-profile design. The headset is also compatible with Shure's wireless headset systems. It is a great choice for singers who need a lightweight and comfortable headset.

This studio-quality headset microphone has a 98dB sensitivity and can connect to any device. It also has a convenient mute button and a padded headband for comfort. Shure also makes this model available at a reasonable price - $139.

Audio-Technica 10 ATW-1101/H92-TH

If you're looking for a good headset microphone, consider Audio-Technica's BPHS2 headphones. It features a hyper-cardioid dynamic microphone for clear audio. The headset also has memory foam headphone pads and a rigid, flexible gooseneck that locks into a perfect position. You can wear this microphone on either side of your head, which makes it ideal for both vocalists and performers.

Audio-Technica's 10 ATW-1101/H92-Th headphone mic system includes a bodypack transmitter and beige PRO 92cW earpiece microphone. This combination offers added clarity and protection from feedback and can be used continuously for seven hours. The transmitter allows you to use eight microphone channels simultaneously and supports full-bandwidth 24-bit/48 kHz digital audio. It also features a dual-antenna receiver and automatic frequency selection. It can be used for recording in live performances and for broadcasting on the Internet.


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