Arlington, VA – As winter weather, local restrictions, and shutdowns start challenging hospitality operations across the country, restaurant commerce platform GoTab is helping operators pivot and seamlessly transform their business operations, from adding catering services for the holiday season to transforming restaurants into retail markets and grocery stores. GoTab’s unique features and key integrations also allow operators to run profitable operations and easily pivot between dine-in service, takeout, curbside pickup and delivery, catering, and retail market services.

Accessing New Revenue Streams Through The Addition of Catering Offerings and Transition to Grocery and Retail Markets

With the holiday season in full force, GoTab’s menu management features and group ordering capabilities are helping operators create and offer catering services, generating a much-needed new revenue stream to replace the financial shortfall of a socially-distanced holiday season. On the back end, a feature-rich Kitchen Display System answers all operators’ needs, with easy customization ensuring that kitchens are running smoothly and efficiently.

As dining rooms start shutting down in parts of the country, operators are now, more than ever, looking to leverage their indoor space and transform restaurant operations to address and serve the needs of their local communities. Back in Spring 2020, Farmers Restaurant Group moved quickly to transition all 7 locations of their restaurants into The Founding Farmers Market & Grocery. GoTab was instrumental in helping them create an online system for prepared food items and grocery items, which customers could order for curbside pickup. They leaned heavily on GoTab’s pacing functionality to control the number of orders allowed per time slot, and GoTab’s two-way text communications to connect with customers. The platform also gave them the ability to design different menu layouts, entice customers with category and product images, strategically sort menu items, and set up efficient internal systems with short names for packing slips.

Through the data compiled through GoTab, the marketing team at Farmers Restaurant Group was able to build a robust CRM strategy, create special offers, and implement cross-promotional opportunities. They partially replaced some of the revenue lost to indoor dining, and continue to see success, with more than 1,000 grocery items available for purchase and, during the first few weeks, almost $125k generated across 5 units every day. “We had no shot at surviving with just restaurant takeout. Now, we’re looking at a chance to build a new company, a farmer-owned food, and beverage provider, with compensation structures to create a stable living wage,” said Dan Simons, Co-Owner of Farmers Restaurant Group.

With excellent customer service and maximal flexibility, GoTab is the ideal partner for operators to navigate current and future restrictions as well as easily reimagine business operations to full-service dine-in, takeout and delivery, catering, retail markets, and more.

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