PHILADEPHIA - If you have decided to rent your house to a tenant, you must follow certain steps to help you find a good tenant. These steps include background checks, posting a quality rental listing, getting references from previous landlords, and addressing common maintenance issues.

Background Checks

Performing background checks on your tenants can help you avoid any negative consequences that could hurt your reputation as a landlord. After all, no one wants to rent a home to a tenant who doesn't care about the neighborhood or the property. In addition, you don't want your rental property to be known for housing tenants who have a history of causing trouble or are a threat to the public. Furthermore, if a tenant has been convicted of a crime in your rental property, it can ruin your reputation in the long run and make it harder to find tenants in the future.

If you're worried about evictions, a background check can help you decide whether a prospective tenant is a good match. For example, a renter with a spotty work history is a red flag, as it may be a sign that they won't be able to pay rent. If your potential tenant has been evicted from other rental properties, it's also a sign that they may be a liability.

Posting A Quality Rental Listing

You need to know a few things before posting a quality rental listing for your house. One of the most important tips is ensuring you have quality photos of your property. You should hire a professional photographer to take the photos for your rental listing. While these services will cost you a few hundred dollars, they will give you awesome photos that you can use. Posting pictures on your listing will help attract more potential renters and create more interest for your property.

Secondly, make sure your rental listing description is as informative as possible. A good rental property description should be four to six sentences in length. The description should complement the listing photos and make you appear as a sophisticated landlord.

Getting References From Previous Landlords

Getting references from previous landlords is essential when trying to rent out a house to a new tenant. Landlords use these references to determine if a tenant is reliable and easy to deal with. They do not want to get into a stressful situation by renting to a bad tenant. The best references are those from previous landlords who can vouch for the tenant's tenancy history. For first-time renters, the landlord can also rely on secondary references.

References are essential to the rental process, and landlords have a legal responsibility to be accurate and reliable. When asking previous tenants for references, landlords should provide proof of the tenants' work ethic, reliability, and responsibility. In addition, landlords should ask current tenants about their behavior and the rental unit's condition.

Dealing With Common Landlord Maintenance Issues

One of the most common landlord maintenance issues is a water leak. It can come from several reasons, including a broken faucet or roof damage. Some residents simply forget to turn off the water, so replacing any weather stripping worn or installing water sensors is important. This will help you spot a problem before it causes more damage.

Regardless of the problem, the landlord is legally responsible for keeping the property in a habitable condition. This includes making sure the plumbing works and is clean. Additionally, it's their job to keep the property safe and free from pests.

Choosing A Time Of Year To Rent Your House

Several factors determine the best time of year to rent your house. Depending on your needs, you can choose a less expensive or more flexible time. For example, you can target the spring months, when demand for rentals is high, or the early fall when prices are lower. You can also choose a less busy time to get the best price for your home.

Spring is a great time to rent out your home, especially if it is located near a university. When young professionals and families are looking for a new environment, spring is the time of year. The weather will be pleasant, which will attract potential tenants.


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