ATLANTA - The daughter of late actor/writer Mike Evans from Good Times and The Jeffersons is spreading “good times” internationally to underprivileged communities.

Like a modern-day Robin Hood, Carlena Evans created an organization focused on helping children reach their full potential.  Evans will offer the programs in privileged communities and use those profits to provide the same experience in underprivileged communities. Kidsplosion USA is focused on helping children discover, develop, and display their dreams and talents.  Now, Kidsplosion has a location in Uganda, providing children a space to create and dream.

“Only 17% of children in Uganda go to secondary school because they can’t afford it…and an even smaller percentage of those children are girls,” said Evans. “It’s important for boys and girls to be able to afford education.  Without education, their talent can only go so far.”

Kidsplosion is intentional in serving and empowering children. Evans is passionate about raising money to educate these students and provides opportunities for student sponsorship through Kidsplosion.


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