PHILADEPHIA, PA - Escargot refers to the French style of preparing snails cooked with garlic butter and parsley served in the shell. Most people imagining a slimy critter usually is enough to turn away potential customers. Still, many foodies know better, which is why you see escargot on the menu in the restaurant around the world.

The Best Escargot in Philly

Below is a list of the Best Places in Philadelphia to Get Escargot via... PhillyBite Magazine


The acclaimed French-focused restaurant on East Passyunk Avenue puts a Mediterranean twist on the famous French dish with their brand-new menu addition to Greek-style Escargot ($14) crafted with oozo, red peppers, feta, and served with freshly-baked grilled bread. Chef Lee Styer’s flavorful, seasonal offerings are available now for limited indoor dining, takeaway, and spacious outdoor seating on the patio at 11th and Tasker. Opening hours: Wednesday through Sunday from 5 – 10 pm -1537 S 11th St. | 215.551.5000


Old City’s contemporary French bar and restaurant, helmed by Chef Christopher Kearse. The chef will often incorporate variations of the popular hors d’oeuvre on the ever-evolving, seasonal menu. This go-around Forsythia boasts Escargot ($15) prepared in tomato butter with house-made focaccia crouton – a crowd pleaser amongst locals and tourists. Enjoy dinner service indoors, as well as takeaway and expanded sidewalk seating. Opening hours: Wednesday through Sunday from 4 – 10 pm - 233 Chestnut Street | 215.644.9395

Royal Boucherie

Old City’s American brasserie specializing in French-style cuisine offers guests a sophisticated and sexy take on the classic dish with Champagne Braised Escargot ($15) in a chartreuse hazelnut butter, served with fresh crispy baguette. Folks can enjoy this dish and a plethora of elegant French-forward offerings available for dinner service at limited capacity indoors, and outdoor seating at the expanded sidewalk streetery or second-floor rooftop garden, as well as takeaway. Opening hours: Wednesday through Sunday from 4 - 10 pm - 52 S. 2nd Street | 267.606.6313

More on Escargot

Snails have been consumed for centuries and today can be found on the menu of most high-end restaurants. In France, there are snail farms with the sole purpose of producing snails for restaurants, and there are many ways to prepare snails.

Snails are popular menu items in France, Italy, Spain, and Greece. Each country has its own unique way they prepare escargot.

  • Italian preparations include sautéing in butter, garlic, wine, and tomatoes. Spanish cook them in paella and in spicy sauces.
  • Greek preparations include baking them in tomato casseroles.
  • France has the most popular and famous snail preparation. Cooked in the shell with garlic and parsley butter. This is the most commonly know to practice in North America.

If you like snails, here are some other ways to use them when cooking. Chop cooked snails into small pieces. Fry chopped onions, garlic, and fresh spinach until tender. Add chopped snails and white wine and simmer for about 5 minutes. Add fresh chopped tomatoes, chopped parsley, diced hot pepper, and cook for 5 minutes. Serve with vermicelli and top with Parmesan cheese. So, next time you see escargot on the menu, give them a try.

The secret to preparing any food is challenging its boundaries. Think outside the box and have fun.

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